Fulfillment Works CEO Speaks at Quinnipiac University

As part of events honoring Women Entrepreneurship Week, Fulfillment Works’ Co-Founder and CEO, Amy Cooper, led a roundtable discussion with aspiring students at Quinnipiac University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Speaking to a full house, Cooper recounted the initial founding, early history, and rapid growth of Fulfillment Works. She also spoke on her responsibilities as CEO, such as dealing with the challenges of client management, lead generation, and corporate marketing on a daily basis. During the discussion, students asked plenty of questions about work/life balance, tips for starting a successful business, and the accumulated wisdom from running a nationwide business for 18 years.

To this day, Fulfillment Works continues to grow and innovate thanks to Cooper’s diligence and expertise! Full coverage of the event can be read on Quinnipiac University's website.

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