How Personalization Improves the Customer Experience

Does your ecommerce site just sell things to customers, or does it engage them? More and more ecommerce businesses are focusing on ways they can personalize their customer experiences, and with good reason – personalization increases engagement and conversions.

You may think that newsletters and mass email promotions do the job engaging your customers, but the problem with one-size-fits-all messaging is that it’s not terribly interesting. Think about how much time you’ve spent cleaning up your inbox deleting generic and irrelevant emails.

According to a survey from Oracle Responsys, 61% of consumers have positive feelings about a brand when marketing messages are personalized in every interaction. It’s no wonder that personalized communication is more effective. But in order to add a personal touch to your communication, you’ll need more information about the customer. The best way to get it is to have the customer provide it during the registration process – that way, you’re dealing with “first-party data” that is up-to-date and accurate.

If you don’t want to include lots questions in your new customer registration, letting customers sign up using one of their social media accounts is a great (maybe even better) alternative. Incorporating social logins with your registration process will allow you to capture up-to-date information about your users, such as demographic, interests, etc. With that, you can customize your website, product recommendations, and marketing emails to better suit your customers.

Email Metrics you should be Tracking

The data analytics behind emails can teach you a lot about your customers and their behavior. The data you can glean from email marketing can help you diversify your efforts, identify weak points, and improve the effectiveness of campaigns. As you prepare your email campaigns for the holiday season, make sure you’re tracking the following metrics. More...

Email Messaging Tips

Email marketing is a mainstay strategy for many ecommerce businesses. Many sites have managed to use the power of email to build up a strong reputation and increase the number of customers that are engaged in the brand. The key to success with email marketing is to adjust your message accordingly. Here are some messaging tips to keep in mind when you write your next email to customers. More...

Tips for Battling Data Breaches & 'Fast Fraud'

With non-physical goods – like ebooks, music, video games, digital gift cards, etc. – transactions occur instantaneously, with little verifying information. These speedy transactions are convenient for customers, but have opened the door to “fast fraud,” which is quickly (no pun intended) growing into a major issue for ecommerce sites. In these types of digital transactions, traditional payment solutions don’t have the verification speed to match the product delivery speed (which is instant). This allows fraudsters to steal and resell digital goods and/or consumer data, creating huge problems for e-tailers.  More...