Incentive Ideas for Increasing Sales

Ecommerce companies already use a lot of resources to get users talking about their products and interacting with their website. But sometimes, the best way to influence user behavior is to sweeten the deal. Use these ideas to recruit your customers into helping increase your sales and brand awareness.


Referrals can be a great way to generate new business. Of course, if you incentivize your referral program, more people are likely to participate – and at higher volumes.

"Follow Us" Rewards

A simple way to boost your word-of-mouth marketing is to offer social media-exclusive incentives. Provide a coupon code, shipping discount, or some other type of reward to users who interact with your business on social media. Alternatively, running a contest or giveaway through social media can accomplish the same goals - more so if you offer a worthwhile prize.

Post-purchase sharing

Shoppers love to brag about recent purchases on social media. Some ecommerce sites prompt customers to share their purchases on social media immediately after checkout, but there are more effective ways to encourage your customers to talk about their purchases. You can include calls-to-action in your packaging such as social media instructions (“follow us at…”), post recommendations (“take a picture and tell us how excited you are to start using this product”), and hashtag suggestions.

Merchandising Tips for Ecommerce

Professional product presentation is not only important in real life, it’s also important online. In a brick-and-mortar store, customers can usually interact with a product in many ways - they can see it from every angle, hold it, demo it, and/or ask questions of sales associates. In ecommerce, the images and descriptions on your product pages are your customers’ only insight to your products (aside from user reviews, which can vary in detail). Investing in these merchandising elements improves the user experience of your site, and also improves the perception of your brand and products. More...

The Importance of Balancing Your Anti-Fraud Efforts

Fraud is a consistent problem for ecommerce businesses. It’s tempting to utilize all the fraud prevention tools at your disposal to ensure that nothing seeps through the cracks. Unfortunately, fighting too hard against fraud can negatively impact your users’ experience and overall sales. While a 0% chargeback ratio sounds great, it’s not worthwhile if it means you are turning away 10% of your legitimate customers due to false flags from your security solutions. More...

How to Keep Your Product Reviews Authentic

Today’s consumers are savvy enough to research products online before buying them – according to a survey from PowerReviews, about 95% of consumers consult customer reviews while making a purchase decision. By supporting product reviews on your website, you can attract these types of consumers. As an added benefit, well-rated or reviewed products are prime subjects for promotional and marketing materials. More...