Retargeting Strategies that you should be Using

Retargeting, aka remarketing, can be a great customer acquisition strategy for many ecommerce businesses. If you analyze the traffic on your site, you probably see a trend of users browsing your site, but not making a purchase. A retargeting strategy uses cookies to track user behavior. Based on this usage data, visitors will start to see designated advertisements for your site across the web.
While you could run a remarketing strategy "set it and forget it" style, there are simple changes you can make to show users more relevant and compelling ads. Use these tips to refine your retargeting strategies to be more effective.

Customize your ads as much as possible

One of biggest strengths of remarketing is that ads are shown to users who are already interested in your products. Showing them generic ads for your brand is wasted potential. Instead, advertise items that users are likely to be interested in based on what sections/product pages of your site they spent the most time viewing. This strategy can be especially effective at addressing cart abandonment.

Retarget on social media

Social media sites are the most highly trafficked spaces online, so your remarketing ads are more likely to get exposure there. Plus, sites like Twitter and Facebook have advertising options that are perfectly suited for the growing audience of mobile users.

Use incentives to drive action

Remarketing targets users who have already demonstrated an interest in your site. Sometimes, the right promotional offer is all that's needed to get them to complete a transaction. For repeat customers, try serving ads speaking to brand loyalty with special offers to reactivate their buying cycle.

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