How to Enhance the Customer Experience

Ecommerce businesses have access to a humongous audience. But getting a hold of the attention and trust of customers (and keeping it) in an industry packed with competitors is nothing short of challenging. That's why focusing on the customer experience your company offers is critical for standing out from competitors and retaining customers. Below are some tips for enhancing the foundations of your customer experience efforts.

Start with staffing

As representatives of your company, customer service staff can be a defining factor in the customer experience your business is known for. Give your current staff the authority and flexibility to come up with novel solutions that satisfy customers, then grow the team by looking for candidates who can use their creativity and customer-empathy to make the most of that flexible environment.

Be proactive with information

Even if you don't have the fastest shipping or the best order incentives, the value that clear and easy-to-find information adds to the customer experience is paramount. Make sure that your shipping fees, returns policy, and other information that customers would want to know before ordering is understandable and available. The same principles should apply to your methods for data collection. Since personal and financial data privacy is so important to users, be as clear as possible with customers about the data you collect, how it is used, and how it is protected.

Make your return policy more convenient

A good return policy is a great way to emphasize your commitment to the customer experience while improving brand perception and customer trust. By easily accepting returns, you’re showing customers that you stand behind your products and that you’re willing to fix any issues that cause returns.

Incentive Ideas for Increasing Sales

Ecommerce companies already use a lot of resources to get users talking about their products and interacting with their website. But sometimes, the best way to influence user behavior is to sweeten the deal. Use these ideas to recruit your customers into helping increase your sales and brand awareness.


Referrals can be a great way to generate new business. Of course, if you incentivize your referral program, more people are likely to participate – and at higher volumes.

"Follow Us" Rewards

A simple way to boost your word-of-mouth marketing is to offer social media-exclusive incentives. Provide a coupon code, shipping discount, or some other type of reward to users who interact with your business on social media. Alternatively, running a contest or giveaway through social media can accomplish the same goals - more so if you offer a worthwhile prize.

Post-purchase sharing

Shoppers love to brag about recent purchases on social media. Some ecommerce sites prompt customers to share their purchases on social media immediately after checkout, but there are more effective ways to encourage your customers to talk about their purchases. You can include calls-to-action in your packaging such as social media instructions (“follow us at…”), post recommendations (“take a picture and tell us how excited you are to start using this product”), and hashtag suggestions.

The Bedrock Principles of Customer Service Philosophy

Ecommerce has been the source of so many shakeups in the retail industry, and customer service is a great example. Years ago, concepts like educating customers about your brand and products and guiding their purchase process without real-time interaction was hard to imagine. Now, there are many online tools and solutions to facilitate ecommerce customer service… but these don’t make those services “better” necessarily. Rather, your company’s vision of customer service and accessibility are critical for lasting success. More...

Maintaining a Positive Image in Ecommerce

In ecommerce, consumers can’t assess the quality of the store, interact with sales personnel, or handle products – like they would in a brick-and-mortar setting. As such, consumers rely heavily on user reviews and overall brand reputation when deciding whether or not to do business with an ecommerce site. To ensure your customers are having satisfactory experiences with your ecommerce site, prioritize the following. More...

Little Things you can do to Retain Customers

In ecommerce, returning customers are your bread and butter. Once the hard work of getting their attention, trust, and first purchase is completed, they tend to buy more (and more often) from you. In fact, returning customers generate about three times more revenue than new customers. Keeping customers engaged and coming back to your site is critical for ecommerce success. Internet marketing efforts like email newsletters and a social media presence are good for accomplishing this, but the other half of customer retention is providing customers with a good experience the first time (and every time) they purchase from you. Below are some small ideas that can go a long way toward leaving a good impression on your customers - encouraging them to shop again. More...