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Site Search & User Experience

The holiday season is fast approaching, and mcommerce is growing rapidly. According to IBM Digital Analytics, about 23% of ecommerce sales came from a mobile device – and this number is expected to rise. With this in mind, it may be wise to focus on your mobile strategy this holiday season. In order to provide users with an easy and enjoyable mobile experience, your first priority should be improving your “site search” functionality. More...

Analyzing Cybersecurity Trends for the Holidays

With the holiday season comes an increase in ecommerce sales. But with an increase in sales comes an increase in ecommerce fraud and cybercrime – especially now that EMV credit card security has been standardized in the U.S. Security and fraud are in a constant arms race, so stay up-to-date on the latest trends in fraud to make sure your security efforts are effective. Identifying trends enables retailers to take preventative action if necessary during the holiday season, without wasting time or resources via manual reviews. More...

How to move from Ecommerce to Mcommerce

The impact of ecommerce purchases via mobile device, or Mcommerce, becomes more profound with each passing quarter. According to Goldman Sachs, mcommerce will encompass almost half of all ecommerce by 2018 – valued at approximately $626 billion. Research from PayPal indicates that mcommerce is growing at three times the rate of ecommerce overall. The trend among consumers is clear. And yet, Forrester Research reports that ecommerce businesses have been slow to adopt effective mcommerce strategies. In reality, that’s not surprising – creating a mobile strategy and building a mobile platform that works well requires time, money, technology, and expertise. But, an honest look at the industry will show you: it needs to be done. When you begin to evaluate an mcommerce strategy for your business, use these tips to stay on track. More...

How Personalization Improves the Customer Experience

Does your ecommerce site just sell things to customers, or does it engage them? More and more ecommerce businesses are focusing on ways they can personalize their customer experiences, and with good reason – personalization increases engagement and conversions.

You may think that newsletters and mass email promotions do the job engaging your customers, but the problem with one-size-fits-all messaging is that it’s not terribly interesting. Think about how much time you’ve spent cleaning up your inbox deleting generic and irrelevant emails.

According to a survey from Oracle Responsys, 61% of consumers have positive feelings about a brand when marketing messages are personalized in every interaction. It’s no wonder that personalized communication is more effective. But in order to add a personal touch to your communication, you’ll need more information about the customer. The best way to get it is to have the customer provide it during the registration process – that way, you’re dealing with “first-party data” that is up-to-date and accurate.

If you don’t want to include lots questions in your new customer registration, letting customers sign up using one of their social media accounts is a great (maybe even better) alternative. Incorporating social logins with your registration process will allow you to capture up-to-date information about your users, such as demographic, interests, etc. With that, you can customize your website, product recommendations, and marketing emails to better suit your customers.